Account Holder An individual or business who does business with a Segmint Client - also referred to as customers or members. Clients have several classes of account holders - consumers (individual people), businesses, etc..
Audience An audience is a group of financial institution account holders, represented as UCIC’s, that are included within a KLI target audience.
Campaign A communication consisting of artwork and an audience delivered on selected channels.
Channel A delivery outlet for media to an account holder or prospect.
Client Success Manager (CSM) The manager responsible to provide strategic direction and support to the Client for successful implementation of the platform.
Cookie A simple text file stored on the user's computer to help identify the user at a later time.
Cost per Thousand (CPM) An online industry standard unit of 1000 impressions which typically has a flat fee associated with it.
Destination URL The URL that a consumer is directed to after clicking on a specific media message/banner ad.
Face Value The dollar value of each Goal Achieved captured at the time the account or service is opened, adopted, or utilized.
Goal KLI KLIs used to track attribution. Every campaign requires a Goal KLI.
Goals Achieved The number of accounts or services opened, adopted, or utilized that are associated with the Customers Influenced.
Impression The number of media messages delivered to an account holder or prospect and audience touchpoints exported.
Impression Efficiency The average number of Attributable Impressions for each Customer Influence. Calculated as: Impressions / Customers Influenced.
Influence Customer Influence: The number of primary and secondary account holders that have been served an impression and subsequently adopted/utilized a product or service.
Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) The IAB provides interactive advertising guidelines, standards, and best practices. IAB standard banner ad sizes are required for Open Internet delivery.
Invocation Code Code created that must be embedded/placed in every zone where media/banner ads are to be served.
Key Lifestyle Indicator (KLI) Insights assigned to account holders from core and transaction data describing their product ownership, merchant preferences, life stages, and life events.

The following groups of KLIs are available within the Segmint platform.
  Business Spend: The assets and expenditures of a business account holder identified through analysis of the account holder's transactions.
  Client Segmentation: Standard and custom groupings of account holders, such as Customer Type, Demographics, Control Group.
  Competitive FI Products & Activities: The competitive banking products an account holder currently interacts with identified through analysis of the account holder's payment transactions made to a competitive FI.
  Consumer Spend: The activities, interests, lifestyles and preferred merchants of a consumer account holder identified through analysis of the account holder's transactions.
  Customer Behavior Indicators: The behavior of an account holder's interaction with and/or utilization of an FI’s products and/or services.
  Customer Profile Indicators: Customer demographics derived from account holder and transaction data.
  FI Products: The financial products and services that an account holder – defined as “Consumer” or “Business” - currently own and utilize to manage their banking transactions.
  Intent Indicators: KLIs that describe an account holder's or prospect's exhibited intent to adopt an FI's product or service based on their FI website page visits and click behavior.
KLI Equation The combination of KLIs included and/or excluded to create an audience of account holders.
KLI Finder Tool within the Segmint platform representing the KLIs assigned to all account holders within an FI. Additional users can leverage the tool to build a KLI equation.
Landing Page The web page that a consumer is directed to after clicking on a specific piece of media.
Media Format by which a message is delivered e.g. banner ad, creative image or text message.
Open Internet Campaigns Campaigns defined within the Segmint platform where account holders and prospects are served media on the Open Internet channel.
Optimization The process of reviewing and evaluating success of the Campaign with the objective of improving results by enhancing the component of the campaign configuration.
Partner The party who provides data to Segmint for analysis and KLI assignment.
Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Personal information to identify an account holder.
Target Audience The intended audience for a Campaign built from the KLI Equation.
Taxonomy Collection of relationships for all KLI's from most-general to most-specific. The taxonomy consists of both public and private KLIs. Refer to Public Taxonomy and Private Taxonomy.
  Public Taxonomy: The portion of the taxonomy that represents the foundational KLIs. Public taxonomy includes KLIs that are representative of all products. e.g. Checking Account is representative of a public taxonomy KLI.
  Private Taxonomy: The portion of the taxonomy that represents a Client's private KLIs. The Client Private Taxonomy is an extension of the public taxonomy - containing a specific Institution's product names. e.g. Basic Checking and Super Checking are representative of private KLIs. They extend from the branch of the Public KLI, Consumer Checking.
Unique Account Identification Code (UAIC) A random identifier assigned to each account holder's account by their financial institution, replacing an account holder's personal account information.
Unique Customer Identification Code (UCIC) Unique Customer Identification Code. A random identifier assigned to each account holder by their financial institution.
Zone A web page or application screen location utilized for presenting media/banner ads.