Key Lifestyle Indicators (KLI)


Segmint's patented Key Lifestyle Indicators® (KLI) are descriptive data tags that describe the unique characteristics of every customer and every transaction. Using KLIs, you can gain a better understanding of what products your customers are using, how they utilize those products and what held-away products they have with competing institutions.

The interactive KLI discovery tool allows insight into your transaction data to help you deepen customer relationships and grow your business. Basically, we help you use the data to make banking personal again. Check out how it works:


Not sure how we break out the KLIs? Here's a deeper dive into the categorization!

Predictive Indicators
Customers likely to purchase a specific banking product or service (based on look-alike models)

FI Product
Financial products and services that a customer currently has

Competitive FI Product
Competitive banking products a customer is using, identified through payment transactions going to a competitive FI

Client Segmentation
Customer demographics, type, etc.

Consumer Spend
Transactions that describe the customer’s activities and interests

Customer Behavior Indicators
Utilization of FI products

Business Spend
Customer’s business-related purchases

Zip code location of the customer’s home address

Intent Indicators
Intent to purchase a product, adopt a service or contact the financial institution based on a visit to the FI's public or authenticated FI site