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Customer Insights

When an institution engages with Segmint to deploy the Customer Insights product, Segmint works with the institution to identify the data sources they wish to use to build customer insights. Upon receipt of these recurring data feeds, Segmint analyzes the data and returns a library of customer insights and data tags known as Key Lifestyle Indicators (KLIs). Customers included in the data set are assigned one or more KLIs (insights) based on the data received. These insights describe the customer’s financial products, their utilization of those products, their activity with held-away accounts and details about their merchant transactions.

The KLI (Insights) and UCIC (Customers) Get endpoints provide access to detail about these insights and the customer insight profiles. The data available from these endpoints are updated as often as data is received from the Institution, which is typically daily, but can be as often as real time.