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Marketing Automation Platform: Audience Exports Endpoints

Audience Exports enable you to export the set of customers that meet the criteria of a KLIĀ® equation. The export is a CSV file with a single column, UCIC. Generating these exports may take several minutes depending on the size of the audience and the complexity of the equation. Therefore the following workflow applies:

  1. Initiate the generation of an export
  2. Await its completion by polling the status endpoint
  3. Once complete the export can be downloaded via the download endpoint

Audience Exports only include known members of the audience set. A known member is one who has UCIC associated to it. Therefore Unknown Visitors are never included in an Audience Export.

Initiating Generation of an Export

There are currently three choices for initiating generation of an export.

  • Export the audience for a Saved Equation
  • Export a Campaign Audience
  • Export a Campaign Audience on an Exportable Channel.

Export a Saved Equation

Export an Audience from a Saved Equation

This requires an audience_id

Export a Campaign Audience

This requires a campaign_id. The campaign must have a status of ACTIVE.

Export a Campaign Audience on an Exportable Channel

This requires a known campaign_id and channel_id. The campaign must have a status of ACTIVE and the channel must be an active export channel. This type of export will generate Touchpoints for all members of the audience set. Touchpoints can cause Influences for this campaign and channel. If you are using the export for marketing purposes, this should be your preferred option.

Channels are defined at the partner level. Many campaigns will deliver on the same channel.


When you initiate the generation of an export the response is a status response. The export_id of the response is used to check it's status. You should periodically poll the status endpoint until you receive a status of either DONE or ERROR. Exports are generally completed within a few minutes. Polling every second is not necessary. We would recommend polling every thirty seconds to a minute. Once you receive a status of DONE, you can download the export.


Once an export is complete, you may download it. A utility like curl can be used to download the file. This will still require the Authorization header. Once you use the Try feature below, a CURL tab will appear with the equivalent curl command.


Audience Exports expire seven days after being generated. Once an export has expired, it can no longer be downloaded. If the export is expired, you will receive a response with a 400 status. If the export has expired you can generate a new one. This is to prevent using a stale export as audience membership can change day to day.

Locating Variables for API Calls


  1. From the Marketing Automation Platform, use the KLI module to create and save an audience equation.
  2. From the KLI Equations module, identify the audience_id using the ID column for each audience saved.
  3. Utilize the audience_id for request.


  1. From the Marketing Automation Platform, click the Campaign Tab.
  2. Locate the Campaign you are exporting an audience for.
  3. The number in the ID column is the campaign_id.


  1. If you're a CSR of your organization.
  2. Click on the Partners feature.
  3. Locate the ID Column next to your partner name.


  1. From the Marketing Automation Platform, click on the Channels Tab.
  2. Locate the Channel you are exporting.
  3. The Channel ID is the number next to the "Channel ID" field.


  1. Is returned from the /export endpoints.


OpenApi Spec here